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Delta Sigma Pi

About Us

Our chapter is made up of the best and the brightest that Mays Business School has to offer here at Texas A&M University. We as a chapter aim to bring in those who are not only business oriented but have other qualities to not only make our chapter, but the university as a whole better. Many of our members are involved in numerous other organizations and hold leadership positions here at Texas A&M. Read more about us in our about us page!


A Letter From Our President



My name is Mukund Josyula, but I also go by MJ! I proudly serve as the President of the Lambda Nu
chapter of Delta Sigma Pi here at Texas A&M University. Our chapter was founded in 1985 and is
currently comprised of over 150 collegiate members. As a co-ed professional fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi is
the “best of both worlds.” On the one hand we place a strong emphasis on the development of our
fellow brothers’ professional endeavors, whatever they may be. On the other hand, we highly
encourage and promote brotherhood through various social and service events.

When Aggies join Delta Sigma Pi, they get the opportunity to join one of the most active and genuine
communities within the Mays Business School. You get the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with many quality individuals that may have various interests and goals but a similar drive, work ethic, and mindset. Finally, you get the opportunity to get your foot in the door with many of the Mays Business School high impact programs and professional orgs which our members are a part of or have leadership positions within. Notice how I say, “get the opportunity to ” rather than “you will”. That’s because just like any organization, you get what you put in. If you are willing to put in the work, make an effort to talk to others and show up to events, then I can guarantee you that you will have a rewarding experience with us.

One misconception a lot of folks have about our recruitment is that we are only looking for future
Investment Bankers, Consultants, or Entrepreneurs. The reality is that we are looking to build a holistic
pledge class that has individuals with various backgrounds, perspectives, goals, motivations, and
passions; the reason being that we want each pledge class to learn from their pledge brothers and
develop together rather than create an unproductive echo chamber for each other’s egos.

Every semester we meet very impressive, bright individuals throughout the recruitment process. And as
much as we would like to have everyone join, we have to put a cap on each pledge class to make sure
we maintain a tight-knit community. That’s why we encourage those that are applying to put their very
best step forward throughout the recruitment process, just like you would if you were recruiting for an
internship or full-time job. Ask thoughtful questions and be yourself because all of y’all are amazing
individuals in your own right.

I also want to highlight that our members are heavily involved in many other orgs around campus not
just as members but as leaders and at various executive positions. For those freshmen worrying about if
you can balance a FLO with DSP and other orgs you might be interested in, you 100% can just like me
and the majority of other brothers have. We actually encourage that Freshman join a FLO along with
DSP so that you can maximize your freshman experience.

To learn more about our pillars and values, head to our “About” page. More information and updates
regarding recruitment will be posted on our “Recruitment” page. Also, don’t forget to follow @tamudsp
on Instagram and email with any questions.



Lambda Nu President 

Class of 2025

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