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Delta Sigma Pi

About Us

Our chapter is made up of the best and the brightest that Mays Business School has to offer here at Texas A&M University. We as a chapter aim to bring in those who are not only business oriented but have other qualities to not only make our chapter, but the university as a whole better. Many of our members are involved in numerous other organizations and hold leadership positions here at Texas A&M. Read more about us in our about us page!


A Letter From Our President


Howdy, everyone!


My name is Grace Judice and I proudly serve as President of the Lambda Nu chapter of Delta Sigma Pi here at Texas A&M University. Our chapter was founded in 1985 and is currently comprised of over 150 collegiate members. As a co-ed professional fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi is the “best of both worlds.” On one hand, we provide brothers with the unique opportunity to further develop their professional and communication skills through various networking events, workshops and trainings. On the other hand, we encourage and promote brotherhood through service and social events. As a chapter, we pride ourselves in being home to leaders across campus and we’re so excited to welcome a new pledge class this semester. We hope that you come to love the organization as much as we all do!


We receive a lot of questions regarding tips for recruitment, so I wanted to leave you all with some advice:


Effort Matters! Every semester, we meet lots of impressive, bright candidates. One way that you can stand out is by putting forth effort. While we don’t require potential new members to attend recruitment events, we believe that the effort put forth during recruitment will reflect the effort that you will put forth as an active member of our fraternity. Applying similar logic to our recruitment application, we encourage you do more than meet minimum word counts, providing thoughtful and intentional answers to our questions and prompts.


Form MEANINGFUL relationships with our members! As one of our pillars is brotherhood, we care about selecting members that we think will positively contribute to our culture. A common mistake that potential new members make during recruitment is valuing quantity over quality when it comes to conversations with our active members. Before you leave each recruitment event, make an effort to have memorable and thoughtful conversation with our actives. Think outside the box and avoid asking questions that you know our actives will most likely be asked dozens of times throughout the recruitment cycle! One great conversation with an active will leave more of an impact than five short-winded, surface level conversation!


Reapply! As our fraternity has doubled in size over the past few years, so has our applicant pool. Some of our strongest active members were not selected for membership on their first or even second attempts, which is why we always encourage potential new members to reapply the following term.


To learn more about our pillars and values, head to our “About” page. More information and updates regarding recruitment will be posted on our “Recruitment” page. Also, don’t forget to follow @tamudsp on Instagram and email with any questions!

Best Wishes,

Grace Judice

Lambda Nu President

Class of 2023

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